BDE-400 Electric with hand or complete electronic oil control valves
Liquids: Lubricant Lubricant  
BDE-400 · Electric workbench with two PG-40 hand control valves
BDE-400E · Electric workbench with two PMGE-40 complete electronic oil control valves
  • Innovator workbench with dispenser kit for two types of lubricant that allows the supply of both products from the same operation site.
  • Capacity to have 2 barrels of 200 litres.
  • Modern lubricant dispenser with 2 doors and security lock. The newest open system of the workbench upper part (worktop) makes easier the barrel replacement.


Equipped with:

  • 2 hose-reels with 8m R1 Ø1/2" hose with adapters on both ends
  • 2 PMGE-40 complete electronic oil control valves with 60º rigid outlet and non-drip end or 2 PG-40 hand control valves
  • 2 suction kits for barrels of 200 litres
  • 2 EA-88 0,74kW 230VAC self-suction gear pumps
  • 230VAC connection cable
BDE-400 BDE-400

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