Pneumatic kits for the lubricant transfer

DAN-1500 ratio 1:3 for tank of 1.500 litre
Liquids: Lubricant Lubricant  
DAN-1500 · Pneumatic dispenser kit with 1500 litre tank

Pneumatic dispenser kit with steel tank of 1.500 litre capacity for the lubricant storage
and distribution. For its installation it is only necessary an air inlet. Composed of:


  • GM-3 · Pneumatic pump · ratio 1:3
  • RP-1 · Pressure regulator
  • Open hose-reel with 8m delivery hose R1 Ø1/2"
  • 10m delivery hose R1 Ø1/2
  • R1 Ø1/2" delivery hose with adapters on both ends, hose-reel connection to pump
  • R1 Ø1/2" delivery hose with adapters on both ends, suction connection to pump
  • PMGE-40 complete electronic oil control valve with non-drip valve and transparent
    bubble detector tube
  • 60º rigid outlet with non-drip end
  • Suction kit
  • Tank of 1.500 litre with level and cut-off valve
  • 1 1/2" venting
  • Manhole with F2" charging hole
  • Level indicator

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