Pneumatic Pumps

GM-5 ratio 1:5 · 40bar 22-28 L/MIN
Liquids: Lubricant Lubricant  

High pressure pneumatic pump for the distribution of all type of lubricants.

It is suitable for large installations, even supplying simultaneously lubricant in some points with hose-reels.

They have built-in a bung adapter of fixation to barrel of R2" and M64x4 threads.
Using the adequate accessories these are ideal to be fitted to barrels, tanks, wall or mobile units.


Techincal features:

  • Flow: 22-28l/min
  • Maximum operation pressure: 40bar
  • Min./Max. air pressure: 3-8bar
  • Noise level: +/-67dB (A)
  • Outlet oil thread: M1/2"
  • Inlet oil thread: F1/4"
GM-5 · Pneumatic pump for wall assembly
GM-5 · Pneumatic pump for 50 litre barrel
GM-5 · Pneumatic pump for 200 litre barrel

Fer quadre

- RP-1 · Pressure regulator with MF1/4"
- RLP-1 · Regulator-lubricator-purifier
- Pneumatic pump wall support
- Pressure alleviation kit 25bar
- Pressure alleviation kit 50bar
- Pressure alleviation kit 70bar

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