AMR-126-5-VS Oil extractor-dispenser
Liquids: Lubricant Lubricant  
AMR-126-5 VS · Lubricant extracor-dispenser
  • Lubricant extractor-dispenser specially suitable for service stations, washing boxes, repair and maintenance services, etc.
  • The extraction is based on the motor oil pan suction by the vehicle oil pan level bar hole. The new oil supply and the measurement are made through oil nozzles and an electronic control system 
  • It is suitable for all type of vehicles, making the oil suction through probes of different diameters 
  • Electric operation control 
  • Digital service meter with memory  Matrix printer of automatic cut 
  • Transparent vessel of 10 litre capacity 
  • Waste oil tank of 300 litres and prepared for an automatic transfer to an external tank 
  • 2 dispensers with self-suction gear pumps for 2 types of lubricant 
  • 2 supply hoses of 3m with non-drip nozzle 
  • Electronic display of high luminosity 
  • Computer system that allows: heading, oil reference, service hour, date, Km (with a blank space to type the Km), supplied litres, amount and end line 
  • It allows to print daily, weekly, etc. listings, with some languages and it has the possibility to be connected to PC with RS-232 port
  • Protection and security switchboard
AMR-126-5-VS AMR-126-5-VS

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