AMC New oil supply and measurement
Liquids: Lubricant Lubricant  
AMC-1 · Lubricant extractor - dispenser
  • It makes the oil suction of the motor oil pan through the level bar hole in all type of vehicles, through probes of different diameters 
  • Extraction system composed of 50 litre tank with Ventury 
  • Supply system composed of self-suction gear pumps 
  • It makes the new oil supply and measurement 
  • Automatic waste oil storage in a receiver tank of 500 litres 
  • Electronic double control system with preset and self-stopping 
  • It is easy to enter to the lower module with capacity for 2 barrels of 200 litres 
  • It controls up to 128 users. It has restricted function code
  • Permanent tank/barrel stock control
  • It counts the supplied litres in the tank, blocking the supply kit when the preset litres are transferred, showing the display that the tank is "EMPTY". Only the person in charge of the kit could codify the new starting. 
  • 12VDC halogenous lamp. Emergence stopping. Filling indicator 20150 


-Oil plate

    • with vacuum discharge hose kit with the same machine
    • hydraulic non-drip connector and adapters

- PC connection with RS-232 communication kit: Once the service is finished, the AMC-1 machine sends the supply data to the PC, storing in each service: user supplied litres, product type, stock, service list
- PC control software
- There is the option to be connected to a printer
- PC screened connection cable

AMC-3 · Lubricant extractor - dispenser
  • It makes the supply through the self-suction gear pumps
  • Automatic system stopping or starting because of the pressure switches 
  • Suction through electric self-suction pump, 3m hose (without hose-reel) 
  • Measurement through 2 PMGE-40 complete electronic oil control valves with 60º rigid outlet with non-drip end

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