Electric and pneumatic oil extractors

AM-20 Portable machine of double use 230VCD
Liquids: Lubricant Lubricant  
AM-20 · Mobile electric extractor

Kits for the waste oil extraction through the oil motor suction by the level bar hole of
the vehicle case.
It has built-in a suction probe-carrier, with a special adapter that is directly connected
to vehicles like Mercedes-Benz and BMW, an exchanged probe set of 3, 5 and 6mm
to be coupled to the rest of vehicles.


  •  Portable machine of double use with transparent vessel of 10 litre capacity
  • Funnel to recuperate oil by gravity
  • EA-89 self-suction gear pump
  • Motor power: 92W
  • Voltage: 230VAC 50Hz single-phase
  • Evacuation pressure: +3bar
  • Depression: -0,9/-0,6bar
  • Vacuum gauge
  • 2m synthetic suction hose Ø9 x 18mm
  • Suction probe-carrier with special adapter
  • Exchangeable probes of 3, 5 and 6mm
  • 230VAC electric connection cable
  • In-line filter for the impurities
  • Suction and/or pouring reversing switch
  • 60 litre tank
  • Wheels to make easier its transport

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