Static Tanks

WHITE POLYETHYLENE with internal basin 700 and 1.000 litres
Liquids: Diesel Diesel  Urea Urea  
  • They are suitable to store petroleum products such as diesel, mineral and vegetable oils, waste oil, and also not drinking water, ...
  • Homologated (inner and exterior) white polyethylene tank with internal basin built-in
  • It is supplied with an alarm that detects any liquid presence in the leaktight retention container
  • Polyethylene tanks manufactured according to the rules UNE 53.432, that regulates the specifications, features and testings of the high density polyethylene tanks destinated to store petroleum liquid products. In addition these tanks comply with the provisions established on the Spanish I.T.Cs IP-03 (Installations of storage for the consumption in the own installation) and IP-04 (Petroleum Installations for the supply to vehicles)
  • Equipped with a lightweight retention container with sealing warranty to the environment protection
  • Self-porous inner tank
  • Fire protection
White polyethylene tank with internal casing of 700 litre capacity

Dim. (approx.): 1.280x690x1.240mm

Weight (approx.): 52Kg

White polyethylene tank with internal casing of 1.000 litre capacity

Dim. (approx.): 1.280x690x1.810mm

Weight(approx.): 72Kg


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