Static Tanks

RECTANGULAR DRINKING WATER 1.100 to 3.000 litres
Liquids: Urea Urea  Water Water  
  • The drinking water tanks are made of high density polyethylene through the blow extrusion system. The raw material and the additives used on the tank manufacture comply with the required requests by the Spanish laws for the products destined to come into contact with food and drinking water
  • The tanks have a green pigment that makes them resistant to solar irradiation. This green pigment gives an opacity to the tank avoiding the algae forming
  • They are manufactured in one piece, without weldings, which assure an excellent resistance and dimensional stability
  • Impact resistance
  • The drinking water tanks are equipped with:

      - 1 manhole of Ø380mm


      - 1 bottom outlet of 2"

Rectangular drinking water tank of 1.000 litre capacity

Dim. (approx.): 1.160x730x1.670mm

Manhole: Ø380mm

Weight (approx.): 47Kg

Rectangular drinking water tank of 2.000 litre capacity

Dim. (approx.): 2.280x730x1.670mm

Manhole: Ø380mm

Weight (approx.): 82Kg

Rectangular drinking water tank of 3.000 litre capacity

Dim. (approx.): 2.460x880x1.760mm

Manhole: Ø380mm

Weight (approx.): 114Kg


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