Pressure Feed :: Lift Pump Set , on-demand Diesel, Kerosene

Liquids: Diesel Diesel  
  • Pressure feed pump set equipped with self priming gear pump with built-in security system
  • Security system that stops pump in the event of an air ingress, fuel starvation or leak
  • Double action pressure switch (working + security)
  • Built-in overpressure relief valve for protection of the pump and enhanced longevity.
  • These kits are encased and have a metallic drip tray
  • Filter in the suction line
  • Fast acting shut-off valve in the delivery line
  • Maximum suction height: 7m with foot valve (NRV)
  • IP-55 protection

The Single kits also have built-in:
  • Vacuum gauge that shows if there is any trouble on the suction circuit
  • Security valve, independant of the pump for pressure relief and controlled by-pass.
  Flow Power Connection Voltage Pressure
GESPOIL-30 30 l/h 58W 3/8" 230VAC 1-6bar
GESPOIL-70 70 l/h 58W 3/8" 230VAC 1-6bar
TOT COMERCIAL, S.A. declares that the PRESSURE DIESEL GROUPS comply with the general requirements as regards the operation security in accordance with the Community Guidelines 89/392, 73/23, 89/366 and their subsequent modifications so as the Royal Decree 1427/1997, of September 15th, 1997, for which is approved the MHP 03 Complementary Technical Instruction "Oil Installation for own consumption", being the motor protection IP-55, as IEC 34-5, DIN VDE 0530 part 5 and EN-60034-5.

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