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BT-87 Self-suction drill pump
Liquids: Diesel Diesel  
  • This small pump is a useful accessory to empy all type of baths, aquariaums, toilet bowls, washing machines, flooded basements, ...; it is also useful as caravaning auxiliar, laboratories, ... because of the liquid transfer through a drill or its built-in motor
  • It is special for diesel, water, herbicides, antifreeze, ...
  • It is adapted to any type of hand-held or professional drill (2000/2500rpm); it can be connected to hose Ø24mm
  • It is supplied with a box with pictures and EAN-13 bar code 


Technical data:

  • *Flow: according to the drill revolutions (maximum 60l/min)
  • *Self-suction up to 2,5m
  • *Delivery up to 25m
  • High resistance dry operation
  • Eccentric, self-suction pump with self-adjusting blades
  • Inner part: brass
  • Shaft and pin: Aisi 304 stainless steel
  • Pump body, blades and rotor: injected in plastic
BT-87 BT-87

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