Mobile Tanks

BASIC TRAILERS Up to 500 litres
Liquids: Diesel Diesel  
  • Galvanized trailers, of capacities up to 500 litres with lateral protection rail, 155 R13" big wheels and "jockey" move wheel, with and without brake (according to the model).
  • It can be towed to any type of vehicle. It does not need registration. They are exempt from taxes. Without periodical service of "ITV".
BASIC trailer without brake

Dim. (AxBxC) (approx.): 2.400x1.500x600mm
Weight (approx.): 105Kg

BASIC trailer with brake

Dim. (AxBxC) (approx.): 2.550x1.500x600mm
Weight (approx.): 128Kg

* Customization of the supply kit according to the customers' needs.


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