MG-80A · MECHANICAL Aluminium 10-90 L/MIN · ±1%
Liquids: Diesel Diesel  
MG-80A · Mechanical aluminium meter
  • Aluminium body
  • Made of aluminium and high quality plastic materials. Its measuring chamber is fireproof of oscillant disc and it allows to transfer any type of hydrocarbon liquids (please, consult other liquids).
  • Flow: 10-90l/min
  • Accuracy: ±1%
  • Partial indicator of 3 digits and totalizer of 6 digits
  • Maximum operation pressure: 5bar
  • Resistance pressure: 15bar
  • Maximum temperature: 60ºC
  • Minimum temperature: -10ºC
  • Polyamide + Fibreglass housing
  • Inlet/outlet Connections: 1" GAS (BSP)
  • Inlet connection through threads or flanges
  • For private use, not suitable for fiscal operations
Size and weight (approx.):
  • Size: 180x132x165mm (longueur x largeur x hauteur)
  • Weight: 1,95Kg
Optional accessories
- Filter FUP-1 FF1'' GAS (BSP) of 352 micron
- M1'' short union flange kit in PA+Fibreglass
- M1'' long union flange kit in PA+Fibreglass

Special plastic flange with 50% of fibreglass to be adapted to our meters, both mechanical an electronic meters, to pumps and/or pipes. It is optionally supplied with STAINLESS filter-sieve of 352 micron to avoid the impurities entry in the meter interior.

When you made an order it would be necessary to indicate in which connection you want this flange. This flange cannot be removed because of its special adhesive fixation. Otherwise we are supplying the flange kit so you can install it in any of the meter connections.

- Filter-sieve of 352 micron Ø33mm
- MM1'' brass union
- MF1'' PA+fibreglass adapter with BSP short thread
- MF1'' PA+fibreglass adapter with BSP long thread
- NBR Ø24x3,5 joint
- MF1'' PA+fibreglass adapter with BSP short thread with STAINLESS 352 micron sieve

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