General features:

  • Automatic messages that inform about the level in programmed days. 5 days programmed at week
  • Tank stock request at any moment
  • Communication with the tanks through a central computer connected to the CENTRAL PC MODEM
  • Programmed alarm levels:
    • 1 minimum level and 1 maximum level (we will know when the tank has been filled)
  • The station sends a message to the CENTRAL PC when the tank arrives at a programmed level
  • Unlimited tank and station number to be controlled
  • Quick and easy software
  • Unlimited distance
  • Supply: 230VAC
  • Measuring accuracy: 1%
  • The error margin will vary according to the tank measurements entered in the program


Software features:

  • Access with secret key
  • Automatic reception of the tank levels in the programmed days in the PC
  • Automatic reception of the alarm signal of any tank in the PC
  • Two alarm levels configuration
  • Definition of the tank geometry
  • Definition of the tank data:
    • Customer
    • Address
    • Contacting data
    • Tank product
  • Consult the levels of any station at any moment
(1) TLM · electric control frame of 4 tanks
(2) PC modem set + TLM program
(3) TLM tank probe

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