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SHEM-6 Commercial dispenser of 6 hoses
Liquids: Diesel Diesel  Petrol Petrol  


  • The SHEM-6 commercial dispenser with GESPASA electronic calculator and electric explosionproof installation is suitable for the diesel and petrol supply and sale.
  • It is suitable for service stations, cooperatives, transport companies and so on.
  • The electronics is composed of 3 display that show:
    • Price per litre
    • Total amount
    • Supplied litres
  • The electronics allows to preset the product quantity to be supplied.
  • The pumping unit has a degasifier with float chamber that eliminates the air and vapour of the fuel.




  • Made of steel and stainless steel;
  • Interior chassis made of galvanized structure;
  • Cataphoretic treatment;
  • Painted in brilliant epoxid paint. Weatherproof.


Composed of:

  • 3 pumps: Aluminium body · self-suction, eccentric with self-adjusting blades with gas separator · recirculation bypass valve · check valve · interior filter · self-tightened belt system
  • 6 meters: of aluminium with 4 pistons of positive displacement · accuracy: 0,2% (flow 4 to 80 l/min) · Pulser of 2 channels of 100 pulses per litre and mechanical totalizer
  • 3 motors:
    • 0,90kW 230VAC 50/60Hz, single-phase, EExd explosionproof, with IP-54 protection (ATEX);
    • 1kW 230/400VAC, three-phase, EExd explosionproof, with IP-54 protection.


  • Electronic LCD with display of 6 digits for volume and amount and 4 digits for prices


It is supplied with:

  • 4m Ø25mm delivery diesel double layer hose with adapters in both ends
  • PA-80 · Automatic nozzle with MF1" rotary swivel
  • Metallic fexible suction connection with 2" flange
Size (approx.):

Size: 239x530x1820mm (longxwidexhigh)


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