Breakaway valves are designed to be installed in fuel supply hoses and will safely separet when there is a strong pull.

The double seat valve automatically stops the fuel flow, limiting any fuel spillage and protecting the supply kit.

802 breakaway valve
804 breakaway valve
  • Body: aluminium
  • Main seals: viton
  • Main spring: stainless steel
  • Guide and poppet: POM
  • Protective sleeve: PVC
The valve is designed to be replaced after the separation
  Connection threads
Flow Weight
802 BSP 3/4" x BSP 3/4" 0-60 l/min 230g
804 BSP 1" x BSP 1" 0-120 l/min 320g
Reconnection breakaway valves (multiple use)
3/4'' reconnection breakaway valve
1'' reconnection breakaway valve
  • Body: die cast zinc
  • Main seals: Viton
  • Main spring: stainless steel
  • Guide and poppet: POM
  • Protective sleeve: PA66
  Connection thread
Flow Weight
3/4" BSP 3/4" 0-60 l/min 530g
1" BSP 1" 0-120 l/min 600g
Reconnection breakaway valves
BREAKAWAY VALVE (submersible pump)
MF1 1/2'' breakaway valve
  • The «breakaway» (emergency shut-off) valve is obligatory in the installation of fuel supply kits that are equipped with a submersible pump.
  • This valve is installed on the fuel supply lines to minimize hazards associated with accidental collision or fire.
  • This valve stops the fuel flow.
  • When this valve works, it is separated into two halves, closing the fuel piping



  • Material: cast iron
  • seals: Buna-N


Technical data:

  • Flow: 0-120 l/min
  • Operation pressure: 2bar

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