Blue-Kits · 3000 and 5000 litres Tank + pump + accessories
Liquids:  Urea Urea  
Blue-Kits · 3000 and 5000 litres

Complete Kits to store and supply Urea.



  • Tank of 3000 or 5000 litres made of high density polyethylene and high molecular weight. These tanks are moulded in one piece; they are perfectly watertight without glues or weldings;
  • Special thickness for themal isolation;
  • High strong and excellent collision resistance;
  • Its inner surface is smooth and it avoids the pores and makes easier its cleaning;
  • Translucid wall (according to the model) that allows to see the content level;
  • The maximum liquid density that these tanks can have is 1,3 Kg/m3;
  • It is included the wood pallet for its transport and stable base.



  • Perimetral metallic structure with the function of collision protection;
  • Metallic support for the supply kit;
  • Support fixed to the perimetral structure



  • Suction tube;
  • Level clock;
  • 2" chargin hole;
  • Manhole;
  • Air inlet



The kit could be supply with any type of the supply kit available for UREA.



  • BLUE-KIT of 3000 litres: 2100x1440x1470mm
  • BLUE-KIT of 5000 litres: 2270x1850x1860mm
Blue-Kits · 3000 and 5000 litres Blue-Kits · 3000 and 5000 litres

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